Thousands of Miles
by bike and boat
The Sky’s the Limit

Welcome to Chasing the Sunrise, the blog of my travels, adventures, and the homepage of my journey:
A Snapshot of the World

In March 2016 Shaun set out on an expedition across the world, with two wheels and a good pair of legs – a bespoke journey, a journey of sweat and photography, across the globe with the intent to ride the length of the six main populated continents. And maybe the 7th.

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“Despite the combined effort of myself and an old friend, when I set out from my hometown in the UK last year I was riding solo but with the drive and desire to complete a dream that had slowly turned into a reality. Without restrictions of financial backers, and without a fixed schedule, with only a direction the journey has unfolded before me. The only limit being (very) tight personal funding!”

I dont charge for this content! Not for the photo feed nor the distraction it provides, if you like what you see and are able to please help out the great efforts of Water Aid around the world. And stay tuned to see the world…

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