The Wheels

The On One 456 ‘Pheonix’

The Phoenix as my bike has become known, a slightly more complimentary term than the Trigger’s Broom that also well describes it! The 456 was something of a Phoenix when I first built it, rising from the ashes of my old race bike after chain suck had claimed the carbon chainstay of the frame I’d previously been riding. And the machine continued to live up to its name as it was tailored to the equipment I’d invested in for the Snapshot of the World journey.

Having always been a mountain biker the idea of riding any other sort of bike didn’t really leap out at me. The closest I’d ever come to a road bike was an I’ll fated CX. A touring bike one would be led to believe was the way to go for any long distance trip. And credit where it’s due, a touring bike does tick a lot of boxes.

After experimenting with a few different bicycle arrangements based on what perceived I needed for an around-the-world type of bike trip, I only found myself feeling somewhat disappointed with the bikes I was riding. Be it with the way they rode, the general capabilities or just the feel. So I found myself reverting back to my trusty On One 456 frameset. Solid, dependable and most of all, an extremely comfortable bike!

Thanks to Argos Cycles the 456 frame now has an EBB allowing the chain to be tensioned for a single speed, or in my case IHG, arrangement. Though On One frames sport rack attachments, the 456 only had one set of bottle cage bosses. Whilst Gary down at Argos was modifying the bottom bracket he also fitted bottle bosses on both the seat tube and under the down tube so as to extend the usefulness of the frame.

Whilst I often refer to the Phoenix as my old race bike it is something of a Trigger’s Broom philosophy as there ultimately aren’t many parts left from the race configuration on the trip with me now! Forks, headset spacers and seat post; but not much else! Interestingly however, my saddle is merely the newer version of what I’d always ridden, a Specialized Phenom. Which, after persevering in agony with a Brooks saddle for several thousand miles, both before leaving and during the first 2 weeks of the Snapshot of the World journey, I promptly bought at the Specialized Concept Store in Munich. The difference was insane! Pain is insane. And in the thousands of miles since Munich I’ve had no complaints!

The Water

The Alpacka Mule
Bike carries Boat, Boat carries Bike. That’s concept of Bike-rafting, though taken a little further with the heavyweight nature of a self sufficient long distance bike trip.

The boat of choice was a beautiful Alpacka Mule. A fine 3kg filling less than a single pannier.

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