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Well here’s where I’m supposed to write a bit about myself. And something that’s transpiring to be the hardest page of the Chasing the Sunrise website to update!

Since I’ve been on the road people I meet tend to ask what I do. It’s an obvious question but one I struggle to answer. I guess technically I’m a cyclist now – though having always been a mountain biker that’s a tough admission. In some ways I’m retired, perhaps not for ever but retired for a year or three from my career as a ship designer. I’m also, or have also been a mechanic, a teacher and a mountaineer by qualification, but have been designing and building ships for the most part in the years preceeding the Snapshot of the World journey.

I’m a traveller with a bicycle and a boat I guess. A photographer, blogger or travel writer to some extent but I’m more comfortable fixing a bike than writing about it!

I’m writing this at the time of the first major update of the Chasing the Sunrise website since Gavin and I put it together in 2014. Whilst I’ve kept the photography going, I’ve yet to really get my head in gear for writing again. Things are slowly getting straight and I’m finding more time for it. But I was hardly feeling proficient enough to accept the offer of a regular column in Cycling World just yet!

Growing up in a small town in Wiltshire, England, access to the countryside had always been convenient and, much to the disgust of my parents exacting expectations of cleanliness and appearance, I started mountain biking at as a teenager and bikes have always featured throughout my life. The freedom, the accessibility, the technical and the fun all adding to their appeal. A way in which to escape!

After moving to Plymouth, first to study and later staying to work, I discovered climbing and mountaineering. These hobbies along with mountain biking had always led to places that few others have the opportunity to see and experience.

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“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”
Eddy Merckx

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