What is Chasing the Sunrise?

Chasing the Sunrise has come to mean much more than just a simple idea of cycling around the world. It has become something of a mantra for life. Never to be held back by expectation nor to allow yourself to loose sight of a dream. People will regularly criticise you and predict ones doom but they all too regularly recount their own stories. Chasing the Sunrise is about making your own.

“Doubt builds the mountain that only faith can move”

Chasing the Sunrise started out as a plan to cycle around the world. A plan that both Shaun and his close friend Gavin intended to embark on in around 2015/16. In March 2016 Shaun set out on a journey, A Snapshot of the World, a plan t ride the length of 6 continents and a dream started.

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“If you want something in this life, reach out and grab it.”

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