Drink More Water (and check you insurance details!)

Drink More Water, he says supping on the third espresso of the morning… And check you insurance details. I’m sharing this as there’s a bit of an unfortunate lesson buried in here – they say, any person learns from their mistakes, but a wise person learns from other people’s.

So seeing as a friend decided to shamelessly plug her blog in my direction (based on how I’d featured in a photo buried somewhere down the page) here’s a little worthwhile advice: Understand the small print and the potential implications on your insurance – particularly if travelling in North America!

Here is Hera’s article: Travelling the World with Hera van Willick …And Then I Collapsed – Hera, legendary cyclist blogger, but mortal like the rest of us!

Needless to say I decided to check my insurance out when all this happened. At least Hera was in Canada, I was chatting to a friend who was injured in the US and an overnight bill was nearer the $40,000 mark!

Misfortune aside, credit where it’s due, Hera manages to publish here writing a damn sight more frequently than I’ve seem to have gotten around to! I seem to have a lot of words written down but little that has been written down into anything publishable. I keep meaning to get around to it but for now the photo stream will have to suffice! (There’s a blog in progress entitled Six Months on the Road, but this is now more accurately entitled Eight Months on the Road. So maybe stay tuned for something soon!)

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