It’s hard to sell a holiday!

After a week or so on the road, it’s been a great time to reflect and get my head straight after what, for many reasons, has been a pretty manic few months. Sadly, as some of you know Gavin has dropped out of the expedition. Which was perhaps known about for a little while but still had left me chasing a dream that was slowly loosing direction.

Finance is a tough matter. Whereas I had been able to save a little cash over the past couple of years since we decided to ride the world, Gavin, as a student, had not. Holding his head high, and with a notable drive and inspiration, Gav had been adament that we could raise the necessary financial backing through commercial sponsorship. To be completely honest I had been a little more realistic – there was no world first, no record breaking feats, just the goodwill of those involved; and selling a holiday to people who arent going on that holiday is, needless to say, actually quite hard! I’d always been realistic about this and was under no illusions as to the difficulty that lay ahead in financing the expedition. But Gav and I were a team and we worked hard together on it.

Sadly a couple of months back now Gav decided he’d have to drop out, though still keen to help out with support from back home. So life takes its twists and turns and what was originally a team of three has now turned into a solo trip.

The fortunate part of being self-funded that there are no obligations to financiers or third parties. Freedom to allow the next 2 years to develop as and however they happen to but with a few targets to keep things on track. I am ever grateful to the goodwill of a small number of companies who have helped ease the financial burden of the expedition.

This will still be a Snapshot of the World! There will still be the blog, some stunning photos and a genuine perspective of the world.

And if you appreciate the content please feel free to make a donation to either of the charities that Gav and I were hoping to support. (Here)

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